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All God’s Critters is committed to stimulating the hearts and minds of young children with fun-filled fantasies and songs that teach young children to love one another and to love our Lord, Jesus Christ. These books are filled with beautifully illustrated characters, exciting stories, and songs that capture their attention in a fun way.
We believe all children are precious gifts from God. Through this series of books you will experience many hours of enjoyment sharing the love of Christ with your children.  Our goal is that our books will be a treasured part of your child’s library.
You will find more information about me in the 'Author Bio' link at the top of the site.  Also, I have included reviews and interviews about these wonderful books.  Each book cover below is linked to a book trailer video that I am sure you and your children will enjoy.  When you are ready to purchase any or all of the books simply click the 'Click Here To Buy' button and select your favorite on-line book store.  Thank you and enjoy your stay.
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Bingo the Banjo Picking Bear (Book #1)
ISBN 9781432707392
A delightful story for young children set in rhyming verse and song. Beautifully illustrated, imaginative, fun, and tender.  It introduces real-life lessons on growing old, kindness to others, good habits, and the joy of singing for Jesus.
Bingo the Banjo Picking Bear is Jay Miller’s first venture into children’s literature. This “Little Anglers” story is sure to delight younger children.
- The Apple Valley Readers Club writes
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Sal and Sally (Book #2)
ISBN 9781935028130
Cute and colorful little fish playing a game of blowing bubbles soon attract other creatures of the sea.  Many are curious but one is big and unfriendly.  With a little imagination, cooperation and kindness, all are soon having fun.
 Colorfully illustrated and creative, Jay Miller’s latest children’s book will surely be found at the bedside of sleepy young children who’s dreams are filled with happy, playful sea creatures.  Parents and kids will treasure the many quiet times spent enjoying this wonderful story. - Apple Valley Readers Club
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Opal, Herby, and Squeaky (Book #3)
ISBN: 9781438918082
“A very cute kitten helps her puppy friend outsmart a clever little mouse. When God is included in their game, there is a happy ending.”
A wonderfully told and illustrated story with a moral any parent would share with their young child.  Jay Miller’s creative tales of animals at play peaks your child’s imagination with a child-like view to our Lord.  Be prepared for many times of fun reading. - Apple Valley Readers Club
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"In God We Trust"
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